Reincarnation, Gender & 10 Shades of Gay – Empowerment Class

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Spiritual Mentor & Healing Facilitator

Expansive awareness is a powerful state-of-being. When combined with free will, your consciousness can create anything you desire.  The journey of life comes with opportunities to discover the burdens of the past that prevent us from expanding our awareness.

Healing your past experiences is possible but it takes pure intent and desire. Healing your past means, you are ready to shift your relationship to the energy of what transpired early in your life or past lives.  Eddie’s work is designed to uncover and peel off the layers that no longer serve you. These “layers” can be energetical or emotional “baggage” hidden in your subconscious or in plain sight of your conscious mind.

Since childhood, Eddie was aware of energy work and the power of consciousness. With the added guidance of his father David BenAbraham, Eddie knew that what he sees and feels, is not something everyone experiences. Later in life, Eddie invested more time into writing channeled content and assisted clients while using his gift of Coffee Cup Reading. In addition, he was introduced to Kryon, which helped to further expand his knowledge and awareness. Eddie’s path has grown deeper into the roots of spiritualism, with published channels from The “E”, Metatron, Kryon, Gaia and more.

Today Eddie is the co-founder and president of and . His mission is to create The Spiritually Energized Community and with the help of fellow healers and spiritual advisors, reach and assist more humans around the world.

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Reincarnation is a fascinating subject. During this unique empowerment class, Eddie will teach you channeled wisdom and information that was lost thousands of years ago.

  • Confused About Your Sexuality?
  • Is Gender Your Soul's Choice?
  • What is reincarnation how it works and why?
  • What creates our physical expression?
  • How does one transition from one gender to another?
  • How Is Reincarnation Related To Sexuality?
  • How Is Sexuality Related To Your Merkabah?
  • Why there are "straight" and "gay" in the world?
  • What is the Soul's Mantle Grid?
  • What Is An Old Soul?

and so much more

This class is projected to last about 2 hours.
Zoom Link will be provided.
Time for questions and answers will be provided.

Available dates to choose from will be provided.

To get warmed up please watch this free class about the Soul's Mantle Grid here:

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