Dragon Reiki and Activation 45min

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                 " Invoke The Universe,
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Hi, my name is Casca and I am a Vibrational Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher and card reader, both Traditional Tarot and Oracle Cards. I was born in South Africa but now live in Essex, in the UK. I have worked with the Angelic realm for most of my life and I have also used vibrational tools, like crystals, crystal singing bowls, essential oils and Shamanic drums, to support my practice. I have worked in education for many years and also have a background in working in Mental Health. I am a National trainer for Mental Health First Aid and also teach Mindfulness to all age groups including corporate settings. I run regular wellbeing workshops, covering mental, physical and spiritual health, all of equal importance.

I am lucky enough to get invited to other countries to teach Angelic Reiki as well as various other healing methods. Part of my life purpose is to work with the new star beings, who are being born and teach them valuable, energetic tools, such a spiritual first aid, to support their missions in saving our planet and Ascension.
I am devoted to teaching people from all walks of life, how to connect to their angels and work with them, creating a life that is in alignment, which helps us step into our true power and life purpose.

“Our main purpose is to live our truth and be connected to our authentic self. The way to do this is by unclogging and releasing all blockages and fears, which hold us back. We will then rise up, shine and live powerfully.”

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Service Details

Just like traditional Reiki, there are various
sacred symbols, used to conduct different levels of healing.  The Dragons, work alongside me and through me
during a treatment.

Dragon Reiki works deeply with healing and caring for our
soul and its aim is to create harmony and peace.  When we transform our inner world, our outer
world transforms too.  When this takes place,
our physical body begins to heal itself.
A treatment can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and before the
healing takes place, there is a guided grounding meditation, as well as some
spiritual first aid.

Dragons are incredibly powerful and are great
protectors.  There are Fire dragons,
Water Dragons, Earth Dragons and Air Dragons and they also come in an array of

This treatment will take approximately 45 minutes via video.   There is also and activation trough the use of LIght Language during the session.

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