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Spiritual Mentor & Healing Facilitator

Expansive awareness is a powerful state-of-being. When combined with free will, your consciousness can create anything you desire.  The journey of life comes with opportunities to discover the burdens of the past that prevent us from expanding our awareness.

Healing your past experiences is possible but it takes pure intent and desire. Healing your past means, you are ready to shift your relationship to the energy of what transpired early in your life or past lives.  Eddie’s work is designed to uncover and peel off the layers that no longer serve you. These “layers” can be energetical or emotional “baggage” hidden in your subconscious or in plain sight of your conscious mind.

Since childhood, Eddie was aware of energy work and the power of consciousness. With the added guidance of his father David BenAbraham, Eddie knew that what he sees and feels, is not something everyone experiences. Later in life, Eddie invested more time into writing channeled content and assisted clients while using his gift of Coffee Cup Reading. In addition, he was introduced to Kryon, which helped to further expand his knowledge and awareness. Eddie’s path has grown deeper into the roots of spiritualism, with published channels from The “E”, Metatron, Kryon, Gaia and more.

Today Eddie is the co-founder and president of and . His mission is to create The Spiritually Energized Community and with the help of fellow healers and spiritual advisors, reach and assist more humans around the world.

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We Stand By Our Values:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

Our Mission:

Reach more people around the world to offer guidance, facilitate healing and help raise the consciousness of every amazing soul we can.

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Service Details

Are You Going Through Challenging Times?
Are you feeling Stuck, Unsure or Afraid?
Issues With Your Partner, Family or Children?
Do you have Questions About Your Past Lives?
Do You Have Questions About Your Health?

Eddie Helped Hundreds Of Clients With Different Issues and He Is Ready To Assist You Too.

One Hour Session.

Order Now to schedule your session.

This is a voice call session done over a regular phone line, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram or FB messenger.
Expect at a session duration of at least one hour.

Traditionally you would meet the reader and drink the coffee but in this case, there is no need because Eddie does it all remotely.

Eddie has done readings overseas over the phone and are exactly the same had those clients were in the same physical room with him.

Coffee Grounds Fortune Reading or Coffee Tasseography, is an ancient method for penetrating the veil of the unknown. It is as mystical as it is fascinating.
Eddie offers advice about love, romance, finances, health, family, past lives and more.

What to expect:

  • The Coffee Cup reading is done over the phone and takes about an hour.
  • The cool part is you don't have to make or drink the coffee.
  • Eddie prepares your cup as if you drank it. What a concept!
  • There is no difference in potency between the "Remote-Reading" or "In-Person".
  • Prepare your questions and intent.

Book now with the list of your questions ready. Your intent is important, keep it simple and direct.


February 16, 2021

Eddie you’re a true gift to the world! You’re readings are always so accurate uplifting and filled with wisdom. You truly are a seer. So lucky to know you!

November 26, 2020

nDearest AbrahamnThankyou for our session. Everything you said to me had something i connected to. Im truely amazed. You hit the nail on the head with your reading and I look forward to my future ahead. I absolutely love how at peace I felt throughout the session as there was no negative connotation. It was all positive, that focused on self awareness. Thankyou for your time, thankyou for your energy, thankyou for giving me hope.n-A-

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