Animal Energy Healing 45 minute Session with Carolyn McGee

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Master Intuitive Coach, Teacher & Healer
Amplify YOUR Intuitive Superpowers so that you can always feel confident and aligned in making decisions about life, love and business!  Angels, Animals and Intuition: How they all support your Empowered Life. 

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Our Mission:

Reach more people around the world to offer guidance, facilitate healing and help raise the consciousness of every amazing soul we can.

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Service Details

All Animal Energy sessions are done conveniently by
zoom. Energy Healing is ideal for use with animals because its
effectiveness is not dependent upon physical contact. The animal controls the
treatment, accepting the healing in the ways that are most comfortable, either
hands-on or from a distance, or a combination of the two. The healing can do no
harm. It always goes to the deepest source of the problem and always supports a
path toward balance and harmony.


All Animal Energy sessions are done conveniently by


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